Kati Eriikka

Chamber Music Concert

Chamber Music Concert
Friday, August 6, 2010
19:00 - All Ages
Hovioikeudenpuistikko 4

Vaasa, Finland 65100
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Elokuu Ensemble is performing in the night of Art in Vaasa, Finland.

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Samuli Peltonen (cello), Mathias Hortling (cello), Kati Arikoski (piano), Anna-Mari Murdvee (piano), Reetta Kataja (violin), Leena Jaakkola (violin), Mikk Murdvee (violin/viola), Jussi Aalto (viola)

Elokuu-ensemble (August Ensemble) is versatile and openminded chamber music group with 10 years experience of playing together. It's members have been succesful in several national and international competitions, including 1st prize in K.Penderecki -cello competiton 2008 (Samuli Peltonen), 2nd prize in Baltic - Nordic -duo competition 2004 (Samuli Peltonen and Anna-Mari Murdvee). Members of Elokuu-ensemble perform regulary round the year in smaller ensembles and gather at the end of summer in Southern Osrobothnia, in town of Seinäjoki, where they organize a chamber music festival Säveliä Elokuussa (Tunes in August). This particular year we celebrated the 10 years anniversary of summer concerts!

Repertoire of our Ensemble is very versatile - from solo pices to sextetts and septettos. We are very happy to have also Icelandic composer's Karolina Eriksdottir's cycle "Clouds" for solo cello. Having two pianists in our group makes possible to play music for four hands too - actually, in the year 2004 I made a small four hand tour to Faroese with the other pianist Kati Arikoski, performing in Nordens Hus as well.

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