Kati Eriikka


Saturday, February 27, 2010
14:00 - All Ages
Skovgaardsgade 2C, 8000 Århus C
Århus, Denmark 8000
Other Info
Chopin festival på DJM, 26.-28.2. 2010, Lille Sal i Musikhuset

Get the full program of the festival here

Kati Arikoski is playing 27.2 in a marathon concert which takes place 14-19.00 Frédéric Chopin: Andante spianato et Grande Polonaise brillante in E-flat major, Op. 22,

which was composed between 1830 and 1834. The Grande Polonaise brillante in E-flat, set for piano and orchestra, was written first, in 1830-31. In 1834, Chopin wrote an Andante spianato in G, for piano solo, which he added to the start of the piece, and joined the two parts with a fanfare-like sequence. The combined work was published in 1836 as Op. 22, and was dedicated to Madame d'Este.

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