Kati Eriikka

Lied concert

Lied concert
Friday, November 13, 2009
20:00 - All Ages
Strandgade 1, 1401 KĂžbenhavn K
Copenhagen, Danmark 1401
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Kati Arikoski & Elisabeth Hanke
in works by Peter Heise

Christians Kirke, Copenhagen, 13.november , 8pm

Experience Beautiful music when we perform these fantastic songs
written by Peter Heise, with the text from the elder Edda in the
Nordic Mythology.
It is all about Accept, Sorrows, Death and Grief. How do we express our sorrows?
Is this allowed in modern society to cry when sadness is overwhelming?
Questions arise..... as always! Why is it, that we supress so many feelings,
when a different angle on the need to cry is all that it takes?
This has to do with accept and trust and faith in other people and the
world we live in. Are we able to create a world, were we have faith in eachother?
Where it is acceptable and common knowledge to shed a tear when overwhelmed
whithout getting 800 labels on your back , that you are strange, awkward, the feeling
we do not know how to react to her when she cries, we donot know how to give
comfort....... Acceptance of humans, to create the space for a warm and loving atmosphere
where joy comes in....... do you see that when walking in the streets? A smile on a face in Fakta,
We need accept to be allowed to live as humans, to put focus on warm feelings, inside ourselves.
To feel Good, to accept and allow ourselves to feel and express our feelings.

Here is the message for you, in the hands and voice of Elisabeth Hanke
and Kati Arikoski

Gudrun's grief

No. 1. Dengang var Gudrun beredt til doden (Gudrun was ready for death)
No. 2. Hos sad jarlers aedle hustruer (The earls' noble wives)
No. 3. Da sagde Herborg, Hunelands dronning (Thus said Herborg, the queen of Huneland)
No. 4. Da sagde Gullrond, Gjukes datter (Thus said Gullrond, the daughter of Gjuke)
No. 5. En gang Gudrun end ham skued (Once again Gudrun saw him)
No. 6. Da sagde Gudrun, Gjukes datter (Thus said Gudrun, the daughter of Gjuke)

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