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  • Mon

    Beethovens klavertrioer II

    19:30 Tivolis koncertsal
    Vesterbrogade 3, Postboks 233, DK-1630 København V
    1630 Copenhagen

    Trio Gimelia is playing in concert hall of Tivoli L.v. Beethoven: Klavertrio op. 1 nr. 3

    Program of the Tivoli concert hall

    Trio Gimelia:
    Janina Müller, violin
    Carla Kuotila, cello
    Kati Arikoski, klaver

    Gratis adgang med Tivoli Årskort, ellers kr. 50 ved Koncertsalsindgangen + entré til Tivoli

    In Beethoven’s compositions C minor is commonly regarded as a special key: works in this key are usually very dramatic and emotionally stormy. So is the C minor trio, which is characterized by strong contrasts in dynamics and harmonic innovations.
    In the first movement Beethoven anticipates the explosive developments with its strong contrasts of dolce pianissimos and powerful fortissimos, an effect that became increasingly characteristic of Beethoven.