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  • Mon

    Markus Fagerudd's 50 years anniversary concert

    17:00 Kino Marilyn
    Kuningattarenkatu 17, 07900 Loviisa
    07900 Loviisa

    Kati Eriikka Arikoski is playing in Markus Fagerudd’s anniversary concert composer’s solo piano work:

    InstruMental I

    Markus Fagerudds Work InstruMental I (2002) handles of human privacy and a relationship between musician and instument. The performer must act as if she/he would be alone in a room, would play to her/himself and not performing. The order of the five movements is chosen by the performer. F.e. in “Dead Sequences”- movement is irrational moment, where George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden are caught in a cycle of revenge, until the player ends the game, at least for a moment…

    Markus Fagerudd has studied music education in Sibelius Academy in 1982-88 and composing and theory in 1988-95. He took his masters degree in 1995. Fagerudd has composed some twenty instrumental and vocal works, and between 1981-98 he has composed music to a number of Finnish theatres, e.g. KOM-Theatre, Helsinki City Theatre, Finnish National Theatre, as well as for cinema, television and radio. Alongside with composing, Fagerudd has worked as conductor in KOM-Theatre in 1983-90, as a guest conductor in Finnish National Theatre in 1989-91, and as a composer in residence for the Lappeenranta and Vaasa City Orchestras from 1997.